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Article: A Guide to Healthy Living

A Guide to Healthy Living

A Guide to Healthy Living

Indians, in no way, are backing in shelling out a few extra bucks for the sake of health & well-being. But isn't partial knowledge worse than ignorance?! We pay heed to 'what' we should consume but not 'how' we should consume!

Fruits are really beneficial to our bodies. Are they always?

Trying to bring in healthy changes in lifestyle has made people satisfy their sweet tooth after meals with fruits instead of sweets. After all, it's a form of natural & healthy sugar! Some have infact replaced an entire meal with a fruit platter! Pairing of fruits with meals results in slowing down of digestion and their excessive quantity leads to abdominal swelling & gases. They are best had in the morning or latest before sunset. Also, eating seasonal fruits is more important than eating the expensive ones (you know the difference!)

The right amount of Salt & Sugar?

Cut down on overall sugar. Using healthier supplements only mean they are healthier than the white sugar, not for the body! Eat less salt & even replace some of it with organic rock/himalayan/pink salt. Remember that about 3/4th of the salt we eat is already present in the food when we buy it like breakfast, cereals, soups, breads, sauces etc.

Some healthy replacements?

Replacing conventionally grown food with organic food, curd with buttermilk, raw leafy greens with cooked ones, soya with chickpeas, instantly cooked lentils with presoaked ones, normal ghee with organic A2 cow ghee, 2 huge meals with 4 to 5 small portions of meal, aluminum vessel with iron vessel and definitely, screen time with yoga & exercise!

But can food cure anxiety & stress issues?

Foods have a direct impact on our mood! When you have a bar of chocolate, it releases serotonin & uplifts your mood; reason why proposals are made with a box of chocolates and not a box of onions! But your stress levels & anxiety have that negative impact on your body which no amount of nutritious organic food can cure! Infact, all you invest on your health goes futile because of your stress-crippled body's inability to extract nutrients from your food.


Remember, you should always prioritize your health and well-being come what may and choose healthy organic way of life, for all you could ever enjoy being alive is only when your body is in a state to endure!