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Article: The Right Investment!

The Right Investment!

The Right Investment!

The last words of one of the most successful billionaire Indian business magnate were, ''My worst investment has been my health. I would encourage everybody to invest the most in that''. For someone who has had everything he desired within the blink of an eye, not being able to buy 'health' must have been the biggest irony!Here are some simple tips to help you keep a check on your health.

Hydration- One, never drink water from a plastic bottle. Cut out plastic completely from your lifestyle. Scientists have found microplastics in human blood due to the release of plastic particles from the bottle when in contact with direct sunlight. Fun fact, a plastic bag has even survived in the ocean at about 36000 ft deep in the Mariana Trench! Two, never gulp water especially while standing. Always seat yourself & sip water slowly so that your kidneys can filter out the toxins through your body & absorb all the minerals from water.

Food- "Your diet is a bank account with good food choices being the good investments!'' . Always prefer home-cooked meals. Fast food companies profit from your addiction to their foods & pharma companies profit from your diseases! Reevaluate your food preferences. Go pure, go organic. It might be a little heavier on your pocket but definitely a lot less heavier than 'Hospital Bills' !

Salt & Sugar- I remember my great grandfather say, ''All of us have been given organs to consume a limited amount of salt & sugar in our lifetime. It's upto us weather we consume truckloads of them & get bedridden with diseases within a few months or consume a really limited necessary amount and live healthily for years''. He was a believer of the latter & lived a disease-free life of 97 years!

Cut out sugar as much as possible & replace the remaining quantity with organic & natural sweeteners. Going salt free is as dangerous as going excess with it. Go for an optimum quantity & replace some part of normal table salt with organic pink, Himalayan or rock salt.

Oil- Going oil free too isn't a good idea. Organic cold-Pressed & good fat oils act as a lubricant for your gut, allowing smooth flow of food. Oil free foods can lead to chronic pain, chronic constipation, bone disorders and even fatigue, anxiety & depression.

Beauty & Aura- Consuming organic fruits & vegetables like tomatoes, oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, capsicum, beans, berries & leafy greens increase collagen content in your body naturally. So why go for chemical collagen supplements when nature has it all available for you in the most natural & safe way?!

You might feel consuming conventionally grown food has done nothing detrimental to you till now, so why change your preferences? Remember, the repercussions are not sudden and when you would know, it would be too late!