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Article: The Power House of Human Body

The Power House of Human Body

The Power House of Human Body

We all have read in our school times, ''Mitochondria is the power house of the cell". Cells collectively form a tissue, which then collectively form an organ to perform a particular function. All these vital organs are enveloped together inside human body. And you know what acts as a power house for our body? Organic Nuts & Dry Fruits! The importance of the word 'Organic' here cannot be stressed enough, because though overloaded with nutrients, the toxicity due to conventional farming methods overcompensates every benefit they offer.

That one place we roam around most frequently in our home, searching for some 'stuff' to satisfy our mini in-between hunger urge, is our favourite! And we often end up grabbing a fist of our favourite snack and then wondering about our increased weight! So why not keep a little jar filled with nuts & dry-fruits at the very front and approachable area of the shelf?! They are rich in healthy carbohydrates & dietary fibre, making them the best snacking option. The dietary fibre limits your urge to eat at uneven times & improves gut health, which helps manage weight too!

Perhaps the only thing we are all left concerned about after the pandemic is 'Immunity'. Dry fruits, being rich sources of potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus & various vitamins like A, D, B6, K1 & E boost our immunity & metabolism to an unimaginable extent!

You may empty your pockets for as many skincare & haircare products as you want & still not get that rosy skin & those dreamy locks! That's because if they aren't healthy from the inside, they never will be from the outside! The antioxidants in dry fruits help aid the healthy & oxygen deprived cells of our body with oxygen & make them clearer. Their natural oils and nutrient profile help achieve thicker & shinier locks.

Outcomes are better when you let your heart decide! But if your heart isn't healthy, then?! Dry fruits like walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, that help reduce triglyceride levels in the blood & hence cholesterol, keeping the heart healthy. Almonds, walnuts & pistachios also reduce the chances of cardiovascular & coronary heart diseases.

Not just this, dry fruits help maintain healthy bones, manage blood pressure, counter T-2 diabetes & even reduce the risk of certain cancers like prostrate, pancreatic, colon, stomach & bladder because of their phytonutrient content. So start keeping those unhealthy snacks at the most unapproachable shelves & corners of your kitchen from today itself so that all that you could grab a fist of are organic nuts & dry fruits!

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