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About Us

The Organic Treasure is all about the sense of ownership for our motherland and the feeling of being responsible in the choices we make in our everyday life.

Being thoughtful of what we chose & mindful of the waste that leaves our homes are the essence of conscious living & sustainable existence.

We believe almost anything & everything that falls under our basic needs can be replaced with its earth-friendly form.

We bring you the brands & local artisan led craftsmanship to take this movement forward. Together we take an oath to TAKE A EARTH.


To become a leading platform that supports everything that’s eco-friendly, mindfully chosen, thoughtfully made and kind on earth.


To become a platform that supports everything that's earth-friendly irrespective of brand tag or bigger market hold or approach.


Being raised in a middle class family of seven members & hailing its roots from the small village of 'Aligarh' (near Sawai Madhopur) in Rajasthan, growing our own food in our yard to cut down expenses was our necessity. Little did we know that the home-grown food that we labelled as 'boring' & 'monotonous' is the one preparing us all the way long for the epidemic that shook the world in 2019.While the world was mourning over uncountable deaths, we, by God's grace, were blessed to not encounter even a single symptom as the ultimate medicine that was building our immunity from the inside was our food! We saw people struggling to buy life with money only to fail eventually. Though our family was luckily safe & healthy, the plight of our countrymen was undeniably bothering us all throughout. That's when we started our journey for 'The Organic Treasure' to ascertain that every Indian could live healthily.

Almost everything that's sustainable & earth-friendly is derived from plants, just like our food. Natural ingredients have their own way of healing and comforting our bodies in one way or another that leads to a holistic approach towards wellness. We started with just food but this thought led us to expand our thoughts towards sustainable fashion, vegan beauty, lively home, joyous babies & holistic health. We strive to promote gradual self-healing of bodies in a way that results in complete elimination of synthetic medications wherever possible.


Every product that we showcase is manufactured with utmost mindfulness through eco-friendly ways that support & nurture earth's natural ecosystem cycles. We make sure all our products are manufactured from the plants & not in a Plant! We strictly follow the following criteria for our onboarding process:



Traditions help us define who we are by providing us the faith & trust that our ancestors lived by.

  • We at 'The Organic Treasure' believe in nurturing the needs of an individual by featuring products made using ancient & traditional methods for 100% purity.
  • Those little rituals passed down from generations has helped shape The Organic Treasure family by developing a sense of unity, warmth & compassion.
  • Each order that you place is packed with utmost love & care and is sent to you with the hope of meeting your expectations and leaving a smile on your face!

Thank You Note

We are a small business based in Rajasthan and the only thing stimulating us to move forward even while enduring countless hardships is the faith you have put in us. We thank you whole heartedly since you gave us a chance to serve you! At the same time, we understand our limitations in the shopping experience we offer you currently due to minimal order value restrictions pertaining to a particular brand or community so as to minimise our losses due to logistics. We assure you greater flexibilities & a better shopping experience as we gain traction and build our own inventory 🙂